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Toys, Cribbing carries a wide variety of horse tack for horse owner and rider. This horse equipment and horse training equipment is what you will need to take care of a horse and use in pleasure riding, working with a horse or attending horse shows like the Vermont summer festival. Buying horse tack supply is a challenging and rewarding experience is. The more you know about horse equipment, the happier you and your horse will be about the purchase. Horse skin conditions can be spread by tack and common grooming tools, have a set for each horse.Horse supply should never be bought on impulse. As you gain experience, you will want to invest in horse training equipment.

Bridles, which consist of headstalls, bits and reins, are for guiding the horse. The halter and lead rope are items that can help you lead the horse around. When you train you will want to invest in lunge lines. The type of saddle you use will depend on what kind of riding you wish to do, whether it is Western (Western saddles), Aussie bush riding (an Australian saddle is great for also great for American trail riding) or English riding (for dressage). Cinches/girths are the straps that go under the horse and hold the saddle on . It is very important that they are inspected for worn places, that the stitching is good, the holes in the straps are not stretched and that the straps are not pulled away from the cinch. Spurs are recommended for show and bull riding, unless you are an accomplished rider and are using them in work riding (cowboy spurs). They are dangerous on the feet of a novice, both for the horse and the rider. You will need spur straps for spurs. Headstalls and breast collars are used for specific reasons. As mentioned earlier, bridles include headstalls. Breast collars are straps that ride in front of the horse and attach to the saddles. They are helpful in holding the saddle on, but no replacement for an bad-fitting saddle. You will want to use a saddle pad with the saddle. Make sure that the saddle pad is clean as it sits next to the horse and any dirt, burrs or twigs can irritate the horse.

We come to horse care and horse medication issues. There are diseases (encephalomyelitis), conditions such as gall girths, and laminitis for which you'd see a veterinarian. Keeping poisons away from the horse, taking care of the horse with particular attention to spring and winter care, hoof care and grooming are all part of general horse care. You may want to add Bell Boots to your horse tack. They help prevent injury to the foot.

Leather care is essential for riding equipment. There numerous products for leather care: soaps, cleaners and conditioners. It is important to keep leather products supple, clean and nourished. It is for this reason that you may want to use Lexol, Neatsfoot Oil or a saddle soap.

Horse Cribbing is an action of a horse that consists of biting hard substances in the stable, like stall walls, doors) and outdoors (fences, trees and the like). They suck in air and grunt. It is damaging to the teeth and the sucking in of air leads to digestive problems and colic. It is repetitive which leads some to believe that it is an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) which may be able to be cured by a psychopharmaceutical such as Prozac. However, there is no known cure for cribbing and many things are tried.

As you can see a horse's tack consists of an incredible amount of horse equipment and riding equipment. I once talked to a rider friend of mine who said she has been riding horses for 20 years and still finds new items to add to her horse tack.

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